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:: Contact Us ::

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Tel: +971(4)3200488

Fax: +971(4)3201219

: 294436 Dubai

E-mail: info@alzahercargo.com

Cargo Clearance Department

Zafer Youssef Shaaban

Tel: +971(50)5350547

Tel: +971(55)7770547

: zafer@alzahercargo.com

Follow-up Section shipping Department

Zoukan Youssef Shaaban

Tel: +971(55)3730652

: zoukan@alzahercargo.com

Syrian Arab Republic - Damascus

Youssef Abdu Shaaban

Tel: +963(991)870102

Republic of Lebanon - Al Masna

Jad Ibrahim Ali Hamza

Tel: +961(3)708538

Office: +961(8)621555

Office: +961(8)621444


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